Sunday 8:00 AM Mon-Fri 8:15 AM

Daf Yomi Shiur with Rabbi Yossi New

Sunday 9:00 AM Mon- Fri 7:30 AM

Virtual Prayer Service- Shacharit

Sunday- Friday 8:30 PM

Virtual Prayer Service- Mincha Maariv

Monday & Thursday 5:00 PM

Rabbi New's Happy Hour Minute

Monday 7:00 PM

Tanach Class

Tuesday 7:00 PM

Hot Topics

Thursday 12:00pm

Lunch & Learn

Mon- Fri 12:00 PM

Daily Power Parsha- A Quick Daily Dose of Torah Inspiration

Sunday 9:30 AM

Kabbalah & Coffee

Monday 8:00 PM

The Mystery of Hebrew Numerology- Demystifying Ancient Biblical Code.

Tuesday 8:00 PM
The Jewish course of Why- 50 Fun, Complex, and Controversial Questions About Jews & Judaism

Wednesday 7:30 PM
Torah Studies -Deep Analysis of the Torah Portion

Thursday 7:30 PM
Narcan Training- Learn to save a life

Fridays 6:30 PM

Pre-Shabbat L'chaim and D'var

Every Day 11:00 AM

Daily Dose of inspiration

Sunday 9:30 AM

Kabbalah Cafe with Rabbi Silverman:

Tuesday 12:15 PM

Lunch with Rashi - In depth discourse on a Rashi commentary in the weekly Portion.  

Thursday 1:00 PM 

Secrets of the weekly Haftorah 

by Rabbi Avremal Zaltzman 

Thursday 7:15 PM

Women's Pre Shabbat Round Table with Chani Silverman 

Thursday 8:15 PM

Chassidic Philosophy with Rabbi Tzvi Kilov

Friday 6:45 PM

Pre-Shabbat Mens Farbrengen: 

L'chaim's and Inspiration.  

Moday - Friday 7:00 AM

Daily Soulful Learning

Sunday 9:00 AM

Tefillin club

Monday 7:00 PM

Parsha with Rabbi Hertz

Tuesday 7:30 PM
Torah & Tea

Wednesday 12:00 PM
Torah Topics

Wednesday 7:00 PM

Middle Schoolers Online

Thursday 8:00 PM
Jewish Spirituality

Friday 7:00 PM

Pre Shabbos Lechaim and Torah

Saturday 10:00 PM

Havdalah Service

Sunday  10:00 AM

Kabballah & Coffee

Monday 7:00 PM

Women's Virtual Book Club

Tuesday 6:30 PM

Talmud Class

Wednesday 9:15 PM

Guest Speaker

Thursday 6:30 PM

Lunch and Learn

Friday 4:00 PM

What is the Torah really saying?

Sunday 7:30 PM

JEM Video Presentation

Sunday 9:30 AM

Positivity Bias- Text Based led by Rabbi Yossi Lerman

Monday 7:30 PM 

Womens Torah Study- with Esther Lerman

Wednesday 7:00 PM 

Sages guide to a meaningful life with Rabbi Yossi Lerman

Thursday 7:30 PM 

Weekly Parsha with Rabbi Mendel Lerman

Friday 6:30 PM 

Pre Shabbat Gathering with inspiration and song

Monday 8:00 PM

Halacha 20 for 20- Rabbi Levi Loebenstein

Tuesday 8:00 PM

Rabbi Yale New's Sicha Class

Wednesday 8:00 PM
Mrs. Becky Miller Tanya Class





5180 Roswell Rd

Atlanta, GA 30342