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Rabbi Yossi New

Regional Director,

Chabad of Georgia

Dear Greater Atlanta Community Member,



I am sure that you are aware of the antisemitic protest that took place, this past Shabbat afternoon, outside of the Chabad of Cobb Synagogue and Community Center.


I contacted Rabbi Ephraim Silverman, Director and Spiritual Leader of Chabad of Cobb, to let him know he has our full support. He shared the details of the incident, which consisted of a small group of ten or so protestors who travel around the country organizing rallies to gain media attention through provocatively disseminating their antisemitic propaganda. The police were present, and the protesters were met with hundreds who countered them.


What was particularly heartening was hearing from Rabbi Silverman about the true character of the people of Cobb County; he told me of the overwhelming outpouring of love and support from the entire community, including from political leadership, clergy and many private citizens.


We are in contact with the authorities and the Cobb County Police Department, which has worked diligently to ensure everyone's safety and who have assured us there is no security threat.


All of the 30 Chabad-Lubavitch institutions in the State of Georgia, their rabbis, lay leadership, members and admirers, join Rabbi Ephraim & Mrs. Chanie Silverman and their community in furthering the message that we have the power of harnessing light to overcome darkness, love over fear and hope over despair, by each one of us stepping out of our routine and adding in goodness and kindness.


A degree of darkness was introduced into our state by these hate-filled individuals, and now it is up to us to restore the light that our communities represent by increasing our acts of goodwill and charity.


We also call upon our brothers and sisters in the Jewish community to show an increased measure of Jewish pride to bring more light into the world through the increase of Jewish acts by placing a mezuzah on one's home or workplace, women lighting Shabbat candles, men donning tefillin, showing up to synagogue, or by reaching out to reconcile with an alienated friend or relative, to name just a few.


We are a strong community that is united in supporting each other, and our response to hate is to increase in goodness. Let's ensure that our community is known nationally and around the world, not by the abominable acts of a few interlopers, but by our overwhelming response of light and good.



Rabbi Yossi New

Regional Director, Chabad of Georgia


Rabbi Ephraim Silverman

Chabad of Cobb

Late afternoon on  Shabbat a small group led an Antisemitic protest outside Chabad. We are extremely appreciative and thankful for the outpouring of support and concern from all segments of the community.


We have been in communication with Cobb County officials, who have identified these individuals as part of a small group that travel around the country in order to spread their hateful message. Their goal is to provoke the Jewish community into helping them spread their message via social media posts etc. 

East Cobb has been a wonderful home to a flourishing Jewish community for many years. These individuals do not represent the sentiments of the citizens of East Cobb . 

We are working closely with Cobb County officials and the Police Department to ensure the security and safety of our campus. There is no threat whatsoever at this time. 

Ultimately, we must remember that the most potent response to darkness is to increase in light. Let’s use this unfortunate incident to increase in acts of goodness and kindness, Jewish pride, and greater Jewish engagement. This week we will be starting our Summer camp . The camp instills a wonderful Jewish pride in the children and this incident will result in our doubling our efforts to provide the children with a fun, positive and warm JEWISH experience. If you would like to help us in this effort please email


Rabbi Ephraim Silverman

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