Wednesday 7:30 PM

On line pre-Passover learning excursion

Every Day 11:00 AM

Daily Dose of inspiration

Sunday 9:30 AM

Kabbalah Cafe with Rabbi Silverman:

Wednesday  9:30 AM

Weekly Women's Torah Class with Rebbetzin Shifra Sharfstein:  The Kabbalah of Women.

Thursday 8:00 PM

Chassidic Philosophy with Rabbi Tzvi Kilov

 Friday 6:45 PM

Pre-Shabbat Mens Farbrengen: 

L'chaim's and Inspiration.  

Friday 03/20 7:00 PM

Welcoming Shabbat together

Tuesday 7:30 PM

Ladies Night Out Gone Virtual

Thursday 3/19 7:00 PM

Virtual Challah Bake!

Mon- Fri 12:00 PM

Daily Power Parsha- A Quick Daily Dose of Torah Inspiration

Sunday 9:30 AM

Kabbalah & Coffee- Jewish Mystical Exploration"

Monday 7:30 PM

Monday Maamar- Original Chasidic Discourse on the Soul of Passover

Monday 03/30 7:30 PM

Course for Women from the Rosh Chodesh Society with Dena Schusterman

Tuesday 8:00 PM
Talmud Tuesday- Study Tractate Pesachim About the Holiday of Passover

Wednesday 7:30 PM
Torah Studies LIVE! Deep Analysis of the Torah Portion

Thursday 8:00 PM
Cookin' with Rabbi Ari- Live Workshop of the Best Shabbat & Holiday Recipes

Friday 10:00 AM

Maamer from the Alter Rebbe on Pesach - a three part series. 

Friday 6:30 PM

Blue Bottle First Friday

Wednesday 03/25 5:00 PM

How to run your own seder. Intro

Thursday 03/26, 04/ 02 12:00 PM

Lunch & Learn- Parsha Class

Friday 03/27, 04/03 2:00 PM

What is the Torah really saying?

Saturday 03/28. 04/04 9:15 PM

Havdalah Service

Sunday 03/29, 04/05 10:00 AM

Kabballah & Coffee

Sunday 03/29 7:00 PM

What are Tefillin?

Monday 03/30 5:00 PM

How to Run your own Seder: Part 1

Tuesday 03/31 5:00 PM

How to Run your own Seder: Part 2

Wednesday 04/01 5:00 PM

What else is done on Passover

Sunday 04/05 7:00 PM 

Passover Cooking with Shternie

Monday 04/06 5:00 PM

Story Time 

Tuesday 04/07 9:00 PM

Checking for Chametz

Wednesday 04/08 12:15 PM

Burning of the chametz

Tuesday 8:00 PM

Rabbi Yale New's Sicha Class

Wednesday 8:00 PM
Mrs. Becky Miller Tanya Class

Every day 7:45 AM & 7:25 PM

Virtual Prayer Service

Every day 9:00 PM

Daily Class with  Rabbi Gurary (S,T, Th)

Daily Class with Rabbi Piekarsky (M & W)

Sun 8:15 AM Mon-Fri 7:30 AM

Daf Yomi Shiur with Rabbi Yossi New

Sun-Thur 7:45 PM

Virtual Prayer Service

Monday 7:00 PM

The Wisdom of King Solomon

with Rabbi Shlomo Freedman

Monday 8:00 PM  05/25

The  TED Commandments

Various guest Speakers

Tuesday 7:00 PM

Rabbi Mendel Adelman's Tuesday "Hot Topics"- "Microscope for Salad?"

Tuesday 8:00 PM 05/26

The  TED Commandments

Various guest Speakers

Wednesday 6:30pm

Circle Time with Morah Aliza Friedman

Thursday 12:00pm

Torah Class with Rabbi Yossi New

Friday 5:30 PM

Virtual Pre- Shabbat Service

Thursday 6:30 PM

Women’s Virtual Challah Bake

Thursday 8:00 PM
 Jewish Spirituality & Mysticism

Thursday 04/02 12PM

DIY Seder

Monday 12:00 PM

Zoom Lunch & Learn

Tuesday 11:00 AM

Zoom Coffee & Kaballah

Tuesday 7:30 PMM

Sinai Scholars

Wednesday 7:30 PM

Your Israel Course

Wednesday 04/01 8:30 PM

30 Seder Secrets

Thursday 7:00 PM

Instagram virtual Challah Bake (family invited)

Thursday 7:30 PM

Zoom Yeshivah night- What IS Kosher for Passover

Friday 10:00 AM

Dose of parsha with Dan Jutan

Friday 1:00 PM

Live cooking Club

Saturday 8:45 PM

Live Havdallah- bring candle, wine & spice


Friday 3/20 1:00 PM

Virtual Bat Mitzvah Challah bake





5180 Roswell Rd

Atlanta, GA 30342