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Jeff & Carrla

Chabad Legacy Donors

Chabad of Georgia has changed the lives of our entire family. They have empowered us with Torah study and education, and inspired us to spread Torah throughout the world. We proudly support their mission! 


Rita & Michael Levine

Supporters of Chabad

We have personally found warmth and caring at Chabad. The overwhelming joy and spirit is a true testament to how welcoming Chabad is. 

Nancy Brown.jpg

Nancy Brown

Friendship Circle Parent

Friendship Circle has completely changed the way my daughter, Hadley, has felt in being included with her peers. The organization offers everyone love and acceptance with a strong Jewish influence. I can’t thank Friendship circle enough for all it has provided myself, my daughter, and our entire family. It’s a great feeling to see your child exude happiness with people she considers to be her friends.


Carly Rabner 

President, Jewish law student association, Emory University

From the moment we got to Emory, Rabbi Zalman and Miriam (Lipskier) have been so welcoming to me and my fellow law students. They frequently host special grad student Shabbat dinners and events that help me make close friends from other graduate programs.

Isaacs Family

Tova & David Isaacs

CMCH Parents

We send our children to Chaya Mushka Children’s House because it cultivates excellence in Jewish education and general studies with a focus on the whole child. We appreciate the lasting and positive impact CMCH is making on our children as we watch them grow and interact with the world around them.


Click below to see how you can help the Chabad of Georgia outreach efforts. We are funded 100% locally and use our funds exclusively in Georgia.


Chabad centers are independently managed and funded by the local community and Shliach, to donate to a specific center or organization please click on their link on the home page. 

Checks mail to:

Chabad of Georgia

5065 Highpoint Rd

Atlanta, GA 30342 



Carrying the Torch

Join our Legacy Circle and help us carry the torch forward to future generations

Heartened by the growth of its operation and the enthusiastic response from Jewish people across the state, Chabad of Georgia Regional Headquarters envisions a bright future of strong influence and continued expansion.

Leaving a legacy is an extraordinary opportunity to do something significant during your lifetime to maintain the vibrant Jewish community we all value. Our Legacy donors want to ensure that Chabad of Georgia will always be able to inspire Jewish life and deeply impact the future of our community.

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